Ricotta the mascot of Sicily cheese

Ricotta you could almost say is Sicily's mascot cheese, you can find it in so many different dishes, desserts and applications and comes in a variety or degrees of fresh, cooked and dried. Produced fresh from the whey left from making pecorino…

An introduction to East Sicily

My travels through Sicily thus far have expanded for over almost 30 years, from a little girl with gold sleeper earrings and curls I remember the joy, excitement and love I had for this island, my Sicilian family, and the abundance that it produces.…

Characters, Catania and the Markets

Sicily's history is as intricate as the cobble stone via's that you see in the tiny crumbling towns perched on the mountainous hill side. Eastern Sicily has something special to offer. Very different from the Western side of Sicily commonly…

Caltagirone and the ceramic stairs

Perched on a hill top like many hidden treasures is the town of Caltagirone the town of ceramics The soil here was perfect for making the original terra-cotta pots used by the greeks, original designs were usually yellows and browns with…

Siracusa, olive oil, cooking with the Signora

Further down the East coast from Catania are the towns of Siracusa and the ancient Island of Ortigia considered the cradle of Greek civilisation and one of the most important cities in the Western world. With magnificent baroque architecture…

Chocolate loving Modica and the style of Taormina

The food trails of Sicily's riches lead us to Modica an aristocratic town made famous in the 16th century by the Spanish and the introduction of the cocoa bean from the South Americas. The chocolate of Modica uses methods of chocolate making…

The Insiders Guide to Palermo

On the 9th of June I will be welcoming my next group with open arms in Palermo. This article in the Australian over the weekend is perfect timing for you to get a taste for what you can see and do in Palermo.

My Trip To Ustica Island for the love of Lentils

Traveling to Ustica is sometimes not as easy as just jumping on a boat and off you go. It is a journey of discovery if you are organising the whole thing yourself. My advice would be to go to a travel agency and get them to book your tickets…

What a Crafty Pint

Those lovers of specialty and boutique beer, Pure Food Wine and Cooking Tours Culinary Boutique Beer Tour of Germany will tantalise your frothy taste buds! Tour host Matt Kirkegaard is a freelance beer writer and has developed a reputation…

Take your love of beer to a whole new level

Ever wanted to take your love for brewing and all things beer to another level? My Culinary Boutique Beer, Food and Culture tour to Germany will extend your love affair with “Flussiges Brot” or liquid bread and all the delights that complement…

Visit one of the seven jewels of the Aeolian

The Shalai is stunning tour of Eastern Sicily which offers you opportunities to not only discover the islands of the Aeolian but also to journey to some of the most beautiful historical provinces of Eastern Sicily with Chef Dominique Rizzo as…

Feast your Eyes

Feast for the Senses tour of Western Sicily, personally guided by Dominique Rizzo gives you an in-depth look at of Sicily’s most historic cities and sights, starring one of the beautiful and popular cities of Sicily,Palermo, Erice, Selinunte,…