Top 10 reasons to book a Dominique Rizzo Food Tour

There are so many travel tours on offer every year and it can be tough choosing the right tour for you. Dominique Rizzo’s Personally Escorted Tours are a great way to travel and here are the Top 10 reasons to book a Dominique Rizzo Food Tour:

  1. A tour gives you an extra sense of security – strength in numbers, plus the expertise of a guide to help you through. Some people just aren’t interested in all of the finer details in planning a trip, and they don’t want to deal with changing them while they’re travelling. It’s all about relaxing, right? So if you want all the details taken care of for you – the hotel bookings, the transfers, the restaurant choices, the sights to see and things to do once you arrive – then an escorted tour is a perfect option.
  2. If you’re really worried about the language barrier, however, particularly in places that don’t see too many tourists, it can be nice to have a guide who’s both a source of information and a translator. You will find you will gain a deeper knowledge of the area and it’s a great way of learning some of the language.
  3. Since all the members of the group are experiencing the same sites, conversation and friendship are inevitable between members. New friends and relationships are easy to gain through escorted tours.
  4. A tour guide is also provided for escorted travel groups- Tour guides can be a great benefit for members of a group because they can get more questions answered and can obtain in-depth history about certain sites, unlike those who may be viewing these sites alone. A tour guide can also be very valuable in cities that use a foreign language you’re not familiar with. The tour guide can help you with shopping and ordering food to make sure there is no communication breakdown between languages.catania-markets
  5. Planning of transportation, navigation, food and entertainment has already been taken care of. Your only job is to wake up in the morning and your day is laid out for you. The package price that is given for an escorted tour is also generally the full amount you will pay for your trip, not including any souvenirs or extras you pick up along the way. Most of the time, meals, site admissions, transportation and lodging are included in the price. We survey our past clients to get feedback on the tours which helps us to create new itineraries that include sites that have received good reviews and exclude sites that past travellers were not impressed with.island-food-platter
  6. After running many tours Dominique understands the needs and requirements of travellers and is personally available to assist travellers in any way.
  7. Dominique has personally designed the tours to include down time, understanding that we all need a holiday from the holiday sounds crazy but travelling can sometimes be exhausting and we all have different lifestyles and different reasons for taking time away.
  8. Dominique has personally visited many of the attractions and worked closely with the guides to bring you a unique tour that is tailored to her tour requirements with a focus on exceptional food, showcasing all types of cuisine styles and not eating the same thing through out the tour.



  9. Dominique’s tours also include a focus on art, history, wine, experience and enjoyment. These tours are not a cookie cutter tour where you are only taken to places with hundreds of other people. Also she understands that a tour is not about seeing every church and museum in every town and with diversity of activities and having the days flowing perfectly into each other allows for a relaxed tour full of surprises.
  10. Dominique’s innate hospitality and service means she is there to meet you on arrival and say good bye when you leave and we all know there is nothing better than a friendly, familiar face to greet you when you arrive in a foreign country and wish you well on your way home.

A Taste of Spain- Unique Catalonia a Personally escorted Tour with Dominique. Dates have just been release for 2018 click here to find out more.

A Taste of Spain Tour – Catalonia

IMG_1128If visiting a country rich in art, history and flavour is on your bucket list, then decide to take my “Taste of Spain” tour, with like-minded people and myself, departing in September 2014.

You’ll learn firsthand how make delicious tapas from the local experts, enjoy indulging Spain’s most up-and-coming food destinations, plus take-in at your own leisure the jaw-dropping architecture through the bustling streets of Barcelona.

The tour doesn’t end there – it leisurely takes in the stunning scenery of Northern Spain where fashion, beauty, delicious summery wines and culinary creations will surprise and inspire you.

The towns that we slowly visit are: Barcelona, Girona, Figueres, Rosas, Cadaques, Ripoll, Besalu, Sant Saturni D’ Anoia, Gombren, Pals, Peratallada, Perelada, Calella de Palafrugell, LLafranc, L’Escala, Sant Marti D’Ampurias.

The tour will depart Saturday 20th September and return on Saturday 4th October. It costs $8852.00 per person which includes a special arrival night package. EMAIL TO BOOK HERE

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Catania and “La Pescheria” markets


This stunning tour of Eastern Sicily offers you the opportunity to not only discover the islands of the Aeolian, and the rich lands surrounding the famous Mount Etna, but also to journey to some of the most beautiful historical provinces of Sicily being Catania, Syracusa, Ragusa, including the towns of chocolate-loving Modica and the island of Ortigia.

We welcome you to Catania which is, after Palermo, the lively and second largest city in Sicily. We enter into Sicily’s age-old history, rich in unique archaeological sites and monuments, with one of the more famous being the Villa Romana del Casale. We indulge in the surrounding historical towns that showcase timeless crafts such as hand-painted ceramics, dine on regional artisan products created using proprietary and specialized techniques, and spend evenings dining with newfound friends and locals. You will experience the triumphant shouts of the Siciliani, and a spectacular array of vibrant colours of spices, seafoods, and seasonal fruit and vegetables as we wander through the iconic food markets of these areas. You’ll be thrilled to see the local produce displayed as if they were works of art instead of mere merchandise for sale, and you will relish the tempting morsels offered by locals to sample.

We welcome you to Sicily and the busy airport of Catania. Our beautiful Hotel is an elegant palace recently restored, located on the Steps by Alessi. Set like a jewel, between Via Etnea and Via Crociferi and in the heart baroque of the historical center of Catania. You will have time to relax or wander around the hotel admiring the terrace with sweeping views across the historic centre of Catania overlooking the roof tops of the late Sicilian Baroque style.

We head into the historic centre of Catania for a tour on foot visiting “La Pescheria” markets with an atmosphere that has remained virtually unchanged for hundreds of years and noted especially for the fresh seafood where we can witness the colourful behaviour of local fishermen selling the mornings catch. Here you will also find all sorts of wonderful fruits, vegetables, meats and deli items as local pick up their daily shop. We continue our tour to Catania’s stunning Cathedral where the cities patron Saint, Sant’ Agata and precious treasures are kept and we wander through the Piazza Duomo where the heart of Catania beats and the city’s symbol monument: the fountain with the Elephant stands. This is a lava-stone statue that dates back to the Roman era, mounted on a more modern structure by Vaccarini from the eighteenth century. Legend goes that this animal became the city symbol because in ancient times pigmy elephants lived in this place, that protected the city’s inhabitants by chasing away fierce animals.

We meet for lunch giving you the rest of the afternoon and evening to wander this beautiful city, do a spot of shopping or rest in the hotel. We meet in the evening for dinner at one of the local restaurants and spend over night in Catania.

Spain and the tapas that took over


Not to go into too much detail so as not to have you feeling completely envious that I spent my Christmas in Spain although I do want to let you know if you have never been before that Spain supplies all the wonders of a European city that evokes the senses in all ways leaving you walking around with your mouth open in awe and inviting you with open arms into a divinely rich culture, fashion to die for and at that time, a very cold cold breeze.

These are just some of my highlights:
The Architecture:

rszphoto-1-611 rszphoto-2-620 rszphoto-3-633
The antiques:



rszphoto-7-610The pintxo and tapa that became the ruin of me and yes I did eat all of these….


rszphoto-8-646Left: French stick with sliced tomato, picked anchovy and capsicum, tomato onion salsa









Right:Roasted peppers filled with tuna and mayonnaise










rsz-photo-10-649Left: Boiled octopus with roasted potato, smoked paprika and seasoned olive oil








rszphoto-11-582Right: simmered chicken with spiced apricots and plums ok this was dinner at a ridiculous hour of 7.30 by Spanish standards










Below: A selection of seafood pintxo – crab mousse with prawns and caviar, smoked fish with caramelised onion, caviar, pickle and tomato