When I am hosting my Pure Food and Wine tours I need to arrive at my destination refreshed and ready to greet my very important guests with warmth and enthusiasm. Whether it is for a short 2 hour flight to Norfolk Island or the days travel to Europe, there are a few basic rules that I always follow when packing for my trip.

My Essentials Pack for Summer Time Tours

Leaving OrtygiaPacking is a nightmare when you are the host of a tour. Naturally the aim is to have a fresh stylish look each day and at the same time keep it practical for energetic days filled with cooking demonstrations, visits to farms and orchards, long lunches and late dinners. Natural fibers, like fresh linens that evoke that fashionable Italian look are my favorites for hot days and some gorgeous little black dresses and strappy sandals and Missoni necklace for evening wear. I like to think that the way I dress complements my love of pure food, Italian food and the culture of sharing food.

While there is no end to travel tips, this is my absolute “cannot do without” list.

Luggage Essentials

Top of the list is taking care of my skin with a light, enriching moisturizer, a facial spritz to cool me down and to set my make-up and then a sunscreen for every-day use whether with or without make-up;

Styling and nourishing my hair is the next priority both on the flight and while on tour and what works best and easiest for me are my favorite Biosthetique shampoo, conditioner and mask. Swimming, walking and cooking can really take its toll on the condition of my hair, but I can keep it looking shiny and healthy with these products.

Summer essentials are a natural fine straw sun hat, at lease two pairs of sunglasses, a filmy scarf to match my aqua sandals and some gorgeous long, but lightweight earrings. My go to boutique for all of these beautiful accessories is Ideology.

Some would say that this is the top priority – that is my Ipad and phone for keeping in touch and sharing our tour experiences of a lifetime on Instagram and Facebook

Pack my hand luggage to cover any disappointments if my luggage does not arrive at the same time that I do that means a complete change of clothes, travel packs (<100 ml) of moisturizer, deodorant, perfume and make-up, sandals, sunglasses and good book. Then add in your phone and Ipad chargers and you are packed.

Flight Tips

During the flight it is tempting to chill out with a Singapore Sling on take-off and then relax with a glass of wine or two with dinner, but my mantra in flight is hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Water is the best, drink lots it of then splash out with a Virgin Bloody Mary with your meal.

Keep the food light but filling, skipping past the sugary desserts, breads, pastas and noodles and always going more for the vegetable dishes, salads and soups.

Keep your hand sanitizer close by and use it before eating anything and before re-applying your moisturize for happy, healthy travelling.

When the lights are turned down, slip on your sleeping eye mask over your lavender eye pillow and the next thing you know the flight attendant will be gently waking you up for breakfast.