Food Tours in Italy and Sicily

Experience some of the best food tours in Italy & Sicily. Join Dominique Rizzo, chef, food writer and TV presenter for unforgettable Italy and Sicily travel tours.

Italy is a Mediterranean paradise. It boasts mountain ranges in addition to a great expanse of beautiful coastline. Furthermore, Italy has also left its stamp on the world. It has done this perhaps most of all, with mouth-watering cuisine.

What better way to experience all the country has to offer, than by joining our guided food tours in Italy? Dominique brings to you a gastronomical experience like no other. Travelling with Pure Food Tours in Italy you will enjoy hands-on cooking classes, tasting the best wines and banqueting on delicious regional flavours.

Furthermore, you can experience cultural education and meeting the locals.

Italian cuisine is well known for being diverse. There is a richness of different tastes on offer in each region. Most of all, at the heart of Italian cuisine is simple food of great variety. Regional cooking centres on quality ingredients. Most of all, locally sourced.

This means recipes are often handed down through families, or are local favourites. Pure Food Tours are a great way to experience real Italian cuisine from local festivals to star restaurants.


Sicily Travel Tours in Cuisine and Culture


Dominique’s signature food tours in Italy, are to the stunning Island of Sicily. This is the place of her heritage, and due to this, she brings a deep knowledge and passion for this island. In Sicily these travel tours embrace the heart and soul of Sicilian food and life. The culture and cuisine in this amazing part of the world is unique. It is also rich in a history. Dominique designs and hosts your tours. In addition she sources friendly local tour guides, passionate and knowledgeable about all of Sicily and its history and culture.

Visit the most popular cities in Sicily and surrounds. Also, enjoy some of the finest foods Europe can offer. We treat you to cooking classes, wine, olive oil and chocolate tastings. In addition you can enjoy cultural exploration, and scenic tours of Sicily’s stunning sea and mountains.

Take our unforgettable food tours in Italy with Dominique. Here are our current Sicily travel tours on offer:

Dominique’s Food Tours In Italy and Sicily

Charming Sicily & Aeolian Islands

(Personally Escorted Mixed Group Tour of Sicily)

Travelling 5th to 28th May 2019

Dominique’s Personally Escorted Tour of Sicily and the Aeolian Islands. This mixed group tour visits the major cities in Sicily. It also includes the breathtaking Aeolian Islands. The tour comprises 23 days and 22 nights of gastronomy, wine and culture. Travel in a mixed group with like-minded foodies on a relaxed planned itinerary. Take in the gorgeous sights, smells and tastes on your personally escorted tour.

Savour Sicily – Sicilian Feast for the Senses

(Personally Escorted Mixed Group Tour of Sicily)

Travelling 5th to 17th May 2019

Sicily’s diversity in history creates a distinct culture and cuisine which you can savour in this unique food, wine and cooking tour. Spend 13 days and 12 nights touring with Dominique personally guiding you, visit some of the historic cities and sights in Sicily. Journey from the city of Palermo to the towns of Siracusa and Ragusa taking in the sites of Trapani, Erice and the coastal town of Cefalu.  This is a culturally rich and delicious tour. As a result, it is a feast for the senses.

Eastern Sicily & Aeolian Islands

(Personally Escorted Mixed Group Tour of Sicily)

Travelling 18th May to 28th May 2019

This tour is one of Dominique’s personally escorted tours of Eastern Sicily and the Aeolian Islands and includes 11 days and 10 nights of this stunning region.  This tour not only visits the Aeolian Islands, but also takes you to Catania, Taormina, Mt Etna and surrounding villages.  On this culinary journey you will be given a relaxed guided tour. As a result, you can eat, drink and soak up the magnificent Sicilian culture.

Island Life – A Taste of the Aeolian Islands


(Private or Group Guided Sicily Travel Tours)

This Aeolian Islands tour is a fully guided 8-day, 7-night tour. In addition to a private tour for 2 to 4 people, you can also take it as part of a Private Group of 14-20 people. You can book this private guided tour any time of the year. The Aeolian Islands lie North-East of Sicily. They are a volcanic archipelago with the most breathtaking scenery. This makes them most noteworthy as a must-see Italian tourist destination. This tour takes you to Salina, Lipari and Vulcano. Each island is unique in landscape and lifestyle. Hence, your Aeolian Islands guided tour is full of diversity and of course, gorgeous food.

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