Is it Venice? Is it Florence? or Positano?  The most beautiful town in Italy is Petralia Soprana in Sicily!

What is the most beautiful town in Italy?


Located in Madonie, Petralia Soprana is officially the most beautiful town in Italy, awarded by the association “The most beautiful villages in Italy” in 2018.

So excited were the locals that they held a big party with the band and toasts in their most famous square to celebrate.

What is the most beautiful town in Italy - Map of Sicily

And what makes Petralia Soprana so special?  It’s the art, the culture and the architecture and that sense of wonderment that is experienced.  Stunning baroque villas, beautiful churches dating back to 1700’s like the Church of Santa Maria di Loreto with its sublime marble altar, the circular fountain in Piazza San Michelle and the Convent dei Frati Minori Riformati from 1611.

What is the most beautiful town in Italy - Petralia Soprana by


Let me introduce you personally to the beauty of Petralia Soprana, set in the hills of Madonie set against the stunning backdrop of Mt. Etna before visiting Polizzi for an experiential immersion in the theatrical reenactment of the famous Sicilian book “The Leopard”,  Il Gattopardo, by Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa, made famous in the 1963 film starring Burt Lancaster and Claudia Cardinale.


What is the most beautiful town in Sicily? - Poster of The Leopard movie

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Join me, Dominique Rizzo in Sicily in May 2019 on my bespoke tour of Sicily, unravelling the complex but fascinating history of this beautiful island, walking through Greek amphitheatres, winding cobble-stoned back streets, dining on delicacies of the region and sipping the finest wines of the region.

For something out of the ordinary, my picturesque eat- and-discover trips to Southern Italy are a traveller’s dream.





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