There is so much to do and see when you travel to Sicily, and one of the most breathtaking places to visit in this area, is the Aeolian Islands.  From the beautiful north Sicilian town of Milazzo, take the ferry to the stunning Aeolian Island of Salina. Salina enchanted the great Italian actor Massimo Troisi so much so that he set his film “Il Postino” on the island.  When you arrive on Salina you feel instantly relaxed and captivated by the magic of this wonderful Mediterranean island where the houses are pale pink with brightly coloured doors and the spaghetti vongole is to die for.

Image 1 RSZ Salina blue doorImage 2 RSZ spag vongoli

Where to Stay

Hotel Signum Spa in Malfa is one of those places you dream of staying in with its opulent spa center, reminiscent of ancient Greek and Roman bath houses. The rooms are filled with Salina’s own unique antiques and art. It evokes an atmosphere of rest and relaxation. Book in for a spa and unwind in the magnificent copper bath to the rejuvenating effect of the capers, orange flowers, fresh lime, herbs, almond milk and lemon ingredients.

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Image 4 Salina pink house this one

Take a walk

If you are feeling energetic and want to get a real feel for Salina life, you can walk around the beautiful town of Santa Maria through the narrow, sometimes steep pedestrian passageways that run from the water’s edge up to the hills. Stop, linger and turn around and take in the views and look from Salina across the water to the other islands – Lipari, Stromboli. Head back to the main street with it’s irresistible boutiques featuring gorgeous cool linen Italian made clothes, leather accessories and fine linen tableware.

What to eat on the Aeolian Islands

Head to Lingua, walk, take a bus or go by car, to this tiny costal village where you can sit right on the waterfront, chatting and enjoying the view. In this hidden gem, you can experience one of the island’s most famous dishes, the “Pani cunzata” and granita, real granita that is, traditionally made with fresh fruits or ground almonds and pistachio nuts.

Take a swim

Image 7 Waters off Salina


The water is divine.  It is clear, blue and warm.  Jump off the boat into the crystalline waters, scuba dive or stay close to shore and swimming a few lengths of the beach or just float and close your eyes and let the water gently lap at your face.

Essentials at the beach

Take the usual of course, hats, sunglasses, sunscreen and beach towel but don’t forget your sandals or your thongs or better still beach shoes to get you from your towel to the water. It may be a few steps but barefoot is tricky.

Party on Stromboli

Take a boat trip to one of the other islands. Wander around Stromboli, find hidden grottos, be inquisitive like an archaeologist on this volcanic island. The volcano may be spitting fire most of the time but it’s where the locals gather on Saturday night for a party with a difference.

Image 8 beach Lingua

Experience the Aeolian Islands with Dom

Come with me to Sicily and the magical Aeolian Islands on my food, wine and cooking tours. I offer three amazing tours around Sicily each year, two of which include these stunning Aeolian Islands. An unforgettable, magical part of the world! See my tours below for when we depart next..are you coming along?