“Succulent Sardinia”

“Succulent Sardinia” 2020

(Personally Escorted Mixed Group Tour of Sardinia)

Travelling 2020, 10 days – dates to be advised 

Discover Italy’s second largest island as we lead you through one of the important geographical and political regions of Italy. Famed for its beautiful beaches and fascinating history, Sardinia has survived countless invasions by the Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, Arabs and Byzantines giving this island its rich cultural heritage. When it comes to food & drink, you will discover that Sardinia is located in a gastronomic paradise. Sardinia’s cheeses, Liguria’s pesto, Corsica’s cured meats, to name a few, are the treats of everyday dining. Discover small, unique food artisans, who open their local, private kitchens to us. From ravioli making sessions, cheese making, demonstrating culinary skills passed down from generations to a stroll through a rolling vineyard with the actual winemaker and his family. This tour will give you an intimate food, wine and cultural experience that you won’t get from the guidebooks. Sailing, fishing, walking tours, hands-on gourmet experiences, and immersing yourself in the local lifestyle. This is a tour you won’t want to miss.

Images: My Travel Monkey, sardinianbeaches.com

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